HelpSeed TAI

Artificial intelligence meets secure crypto transfers - Keep your assets transfers with our encrypted solutions!


Learn the steps to perform a transfer using HelpSeed TAI

The steps are as straightforward as making a transfer with a wallet; easily execute your secure transfers.

AI Powerful And High Security

Artificial intelligence bots securely facilitate transactions algorithmically between binary chains by tracking and decrypting encrypted addresses

Highly secure encrypted.

Your security and anonymity is our top priority. We make sure our servers are protected against every type of attack, so you can use our transfer service with confidence.

Feature 01

Privacy on the block explorer

The recipient address appears encrypted in the input data value of your transfer transaction.

Feature 02

Built On HelpSeed

It is built on the Base HelpSeed blockchain.

Feature 03

User Friendly UI

User Friendly UI aims to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for users, ensuring ease of use and accessibility."

Feature 04

Supported Networks

By using HelpSeed TAI over EVM-compatible supported chains, you can perform secure and encrypted crypto transfers with ease.